3 Days to a completely new set of teeth.

Your new teeth are guaranteed for life.

Do their teeth look any different?

For women above sixty who have lost their beautiful smile.

He gave his father the gift of perfect teeth!

For sons and daughters who want their parents to have great fixed teeth.

Confident, disciplined and successful !

For people who have always looked after themselves very well, regardless of age.

The Coporate Performer!

For people in the corporate world who have lost their teeth due to stresses and pressures of their job.

If you have dentures or a bunch of missing teeth,
watch the dental restoration videos
by a Master Dental Surgeon.
Dr. Faiz is called 'The Last Stop' Implantologist.

“ A Brilliant video series on the 3 Day Dental Restoration Process  ”

If you are looking for full mouth dental implants and restoration, or sectional restoration of your teeth, here is a free video education series to inform and educate you about the various aspects sand intricacies involved in the process.
The one hour series will get you upto speed and help you make an important decision.

It's completely free.

Educate yourself before the Procedure :

Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears involved in going to the dental surgeon for a major procedure.
If you are not completely familiar with a full mouth restoration procedure or a sectional replacement procedure, the knowledge from these videos will empower you and the procedure will become easier for you.


Things you should know before your teeth-restoration procedure




DAY ONE - Implant Placement

The implants are strategically placed according to prior treatment planning. Any remaining damaged teeth are extracted.


DAY TWO - Teeth trials

Dr. Faiz will trial your new teeth and take further measurements. 
The perfect shade and shape will be shown to you.


DAY THREE - Your new teeth

New teeth are fastened to implants on the third day. 
You are ready to 'face' the world!



what people say

Dr. Faiz - Reviews

1.Over the years I had neglected and abused my teeth. Your help in restoring them back to a look and feel of normalcy has made me a person confident of smiling and laughing with gusto once again without any iota of embarrassment.
 2. World class work appreciated by my dentists in the US who say that it will be very expensive in terms of time, effort, and money to match the quality of work you have done.
3. Without a doubt I would be a whole hearted evangelist for the great work you do to help people smile again confidently.


I know Dr.Faiz for more than 30 years.
He is an excellent doctor. He is very dedicated and sincere in his efforts.
He looks into every issue with great attention and detail and makes the patient feel comfortable.
He is very kind, patient, supportive and always reachable.
I am very satisfied with the treatment he provided to me for restoration of my teeth. I am able to chew much better with comfort. The teeth alignment is excellent and very much in line with my natural alignment.
I have recommended Dr.Faiz to many family members and friends and will continue doing so.


Dr.Faiz came highly recommended by my cousin who happened to be his faculty at the dental college.
He is very professional in examining and providing with solutions by priority.
We have consulted Dr. Faiz for nearly 15 years.
We traveled from abroad to see him because of his skill, professionalism and helpful personality. He always accommodated me in a very timely manner. Dr. Faiz is very kind and extremely knowledgeable and conveys information to patients in a practical manner. He goes above and beyond and we cannot speak highly enough about his practice. I highly recommend him without hesitation.


Dr Faiz did my full mouth restoration in 2018.
Due to very weak and brittle gums and teeth, I had falling teeth. As a result, I had very low self-confidence and self-esteem. I was introduced to Dr Faiz by a family friend. Upon meeting him, he was very welcoming and advised me on the procedure. He was very personable and paid great attention to details. He made me feel that I was in good hands as he was extremely friendly and reassuring. Not only did he solve all my worries regarding my dental health, he managed to complete the implant process in such a short time within a span of 5 days. I am very happy with the results from this process.


I’m 86 years of age and have had the luxury (if you can call it that) of having been treated by many a dentist.

Dentists I have been treated by fall into the categories mentioned below:

  a)Charming very personable but advised procedures that did not make much sense to the condition that I was ailing from.
  b)Greedy dentists who performed 3 so called flap surgeries which were unnecessary excepting for filling their pockets with money.
  c)An instance of my son when he was 10 years old and the dentist in California stated that he needed 8 fillings for decaying teeth which was totally negated by consulting 2 other dentists.
  d)A well known dentist in India who tried to bill me for 3 additional implants which was untrue and when I confronted him with Xrays which I got done, his only retort was “SUE ME”. All of the implants this dentist installed came loose and detached in 5 to 8 months.
  e)Dentists who were truly honest but incompetent.

The above are but a few examples of my experiences.
After my episode mentioned in item (d) above I was looking for another dentist in India (given that I was overseeing a project there) to complete the work done or I should say rectify the disaster that this crooked cheating incompetent dentist did.

I started calling some of my contacts who I thought would be able to recommend a good dentist.
Luckily for me one of the calls I made was to an ex colleague at a company where both of us used to work.
He stated that his cousin was a dentist and that he performs implants among other major dental procedures. That he is located in Chennai and that he also has a laboratory where he fabricates crowns, bridges and full mouth prosthesis from porcelain or Zirconium. He also supplies these items to a large community of dentists in southern India.
I visited Dr Faiz at his clinic in Chennai.
Dr Faiz tried his best to salvage and retain the previous dentist’s work but to no avail.
Eventually in April 2021 the decision was made to extract any natural teeth that were still there and surgically remove any and all existing implants.
After this was done Dr Faiz installed a total of 20 implants (10 for the lower jaw and 10 for the upper jaw).
To these implants he fabricated and installed a full mouth prosthesis on both the jaws.
It is getting close to two years now and I have had no problems whatsoever.


Q & A

Why are you giving us free patient education videos?

Dental patient education is all important. Due to time constraints, dental surgeons are not able to explain all the details to patients. It would take an hour for each patient. The masterclass videos serve that purpose. Most questions are answered and the patient is well informed before deciding on the treatment.

Can I book an online consultation with you?

Within the free program, there is a facility where you can write to us with much more detail about you or the patient.
Once we have that information, we can dialogue more meaningfully with you - giving you the best solution.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Look, without seeing your dental X ray, and getting a clear idea about your teeth and jaw condition, your age, medical conditions, etc. it would not be fair to give you a blind, senseless quote.
We suggest you go through the masterclass videos, so you are better informed.
Then get a free online consultation and we will give you an exact quote.

I do not live in Chennai. How do I get my procedure done?

There are two considerations here.
Do you want a very highly skilled dental surgeon with the ability to make the highest quality restorations - since he runs his own teeth modelling lab?
If so, taking a flight for a procedure which will last a lifetime, is an easy decision to make.
There are hotels of different price ranges next to our clinic and dental studio. You will need a booking for 4/5 nights - we will help you with the bookings and any other logistics support you might need.

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Dr. Faiz is called the 'dentist's  Dentist 'for his ability to set things right and guide many other dentists through difficult cases and procedures.

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