Fixed teeth in 72 hours

Only a person who has lost his teeth or is having loose / few teeth for chewing knows the difficulty. Not being able to eat is only one such problem. It is having various issues attached to it namely, loss of appearance and facial muscle support, unclear speech and lack of confidence. This has a psychological effect on the person.

Let us explain to you the importance of chewing. The food being eaten is first digested in the mouth in the presence of saliva. This initial chewing and creating a fine bolus doesn’t happen in the person with less/no teeth. This leads to lack of absorption of micronutrients, bloating and other gastrointestinal disorders over a period of time.

It is a boon to the patient who can be restored from “No Teeth” to full form and function in a span of 3 days. Strategic implantology is an incredible science with predictable results and 100s of our patients have benefitted. strategic implants are anchored in cortical bone that doesn’t resorb and occlusion is designed so that forces are distributed evenly across the entire jaw bone and avoid overloading. This way, the patient is able to chew after the fixation. The smooth surface of the implants doesn’t harbour infection on the surface and also doesn’t allow infection to approach the bone. Perimplantitis is unheard of in smooth surface implants. All types of bone augmentation, sinus lift surgery, use of membrane can be completely avoided.

A patient with no teeth needs only teeth to be made and that is all we do. No long waiting periods, no complicated surgeries, only a key hole drilling followed by implant placement. Sounds too good to be true?


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