Cost of Dental Implant Services in India.

72 Hours

Full Mouth Dental Restoration - State Of the Art Technology - Immediate Loading Protocol

Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants is a one time procedure. While considering this , we understand your anxiety about cost vs final result and many other issues.

At Dr. Faiz's Teeth By Design, we have mastered the art and science of transitioning you from  No Teeth to  Fixed Teeth in just 72 hours .
This is a precise and exacting procedure.
Our prices are highly competitive and follows a lean -price policy while giving you Value For  Money , Quality and Service .

Our service is named Immediate Loading Protocol - the entire procedure is over in 72 hours.

So what is the traditional long procedure?
It's called - Delayed loading protocol, as described below :

As a stage 1 surgical procedure, rough surface Implants are placed in the crestal bone and allowed to heal so that it will integrate with the bone.
During this phase the implant is simply submerged inside the bone and allowed to heal.
This happens over a period of 3 months following which the second stage  procedure is done.  
The submerged implants are surgically exposed, cover screw is removed to connect them to the abutments . After this fixation of the abutment ,  impression for the restoration is made for fabricating a crown or bridge.
Since this whole sequence takes about 3-6 months it is called as Delayed loading protocol.

The key factors that decide the cost of Dental Implants are as follows:

  1. Number of Implants.
  2. Number of restored teeth.
  3. Material of choice :
    - Acrylic
    - Composite
    - Ceramic
    - Zirconium
  4. Laboratory  fees
  5. Surgical fees
  6. Disposables
  7. Incidental Expenses

To complete the dental implant prosthetic work, in-depth knowledge of the Material Science, Dental Surgical Skills, and a well qualified and trained work force are required.

The necessity of Dental Work is for  :
- Eating and Nutrition for a longer life.
- Smiling and Psychological Confidence for Mental Heath.
- Communication and Social Connection.

It restores the :

Function :  
- Mastication ie. Chewing of food efficiently.
- Talking fluently and legibly
- Helps in proper absorbtion of nutrients.

Aesthetics :      
- Gives a Pleasing appearance
- Confidence from within
- Disarming smile

Form :      
- Gives adequate muscle support
- Reduces wrinkles
- Youthful appearance
- Erect posture 

Cost comparison and general guidelines.

Be it a single tooth, few teeth or complete rehabilitation, replacement of teeth is non negotiable.
It maintains the physical health by proper chewing and absorbtion of micro nutrients from the food we eat. Apart from providing support to facial musculature it has a great impact on the patient confidence and acceptability in the society.

Every person has a different tooth missing and along with that , each area of replacement requires different procedures. So  does the cost of implants as well as prices for all different procedures.
Please see the table below, and decide on what is closest to your requirement.
When I have a look at your x-ray I will give a final treatment plan, so that you can come to the exact cost of the treatment .
Let me assure you, if you are reading this from outside India, the prices are simply about 70% cheaper than similar services in most western nations.

At Dr. Faiz's Teeth by Design, we specialise in comprehensive Dental work. The entire process is crystallised into 3 working days.
To aid this process we have fully computerised cad/cam milling units, skilled work force, and a massive inventory of implants and materials.
We are proud to have our own in-house lab to manufacture all the teeth and prosthesis. This establishes the quality and delivery times.

Comparison of prices in India to US.

Standard requirements prior to implantation






$ 100

   C.T. Scan

$ 100

$ 350

   Extraction of teeth(per tooth)

$ 50

$ 150

   Sinus Lift

Not Required


   Bone Graft per arch

Not Required



- Free


Prices in US Dollars

Dental Implant Cost



   Single tooth implant



   Single tooth implant with Zirconium Crown



   Implant supported over Dentures with 4 implants / Arch (Delayed           loading protocol)



   Implant supported over Denture with 8 implants / in upper and lower     jaw.
   Delayed loading - requires 2 appointments in 3-6 months span as           healing period.



   All on 8 (12-14 teeth with 8 implants)

   -including Ceramic Bridge permanent teeth

   - Turmediat removable Denture for interium period

   - Delayed loading protocol


Each arch



For both arches


   Fixed teeth in 3 days
   Immediate loading protocol
   Hybrid bridge work with either composite or zirconium
   Specialised treatment protocol
   No waiting period / Avoids bone graft / No sinus lift





for both  arches  upper / lower


Factors for the treatment plan that influence the cost of treatment.

1)Standard preoperative procedures:

Extraction of existing teeth. Extract the mobile, or infected or teeth not suitable for a long term treatment         plan with implants.

CT Scan - This is required to study the existing bone density, position of the proposed implants and areas which are bearing less bone quality can be avoided.

Blood tests and physician check-up : This is done to establish the current health condition of the patient and take precautions of necessary.

Currently prescribed medications : If any pre existing conditions like diabetes or blood pressure is being treated, it is good to keep the dental surgeon informed and plan for contingencies.

IV Sedation: In case of every anxious patients we can take an anaesthesiologist clearance for undergoing sedation.

Normally oral sedation is very sufficient for dental treatment as the working area is very accessible and can be completed in a very short time.

Bone grafting / sinus lift procedure.

The above procedures are required when we decide to go with a Delayed implant loading protocol and there is not adequate bone for implant placement. Bone grafting / sinus lifting procedure is done to increase the bone volume in a given area to help in implant placement.

This may be avoided by using the more  slender and polished implants in the immediate loading protocol as practised in the Cortico Basal Implant technique ( Immediate Loading Protocol). These implants engage the cortical bone areas and do not require voluminous bone as in the crestal implantology technique.

2)Number of Implants:-

Depending on the jaw size and bone density, the number of implants are decided by the operating surgeon.

Ideally an adequate number of implants are needed to properly support the prosthetic teeth over a long time period. Basically this determines the prognosis of the treatment.

  • Stable support
  • No cantilever effect.
  • High success rate.
  • Allows atleast 12 teeth to be placed in each arch.
  • Decreases the space between the implants and increase flexural strength.
  • Reduces chances of fatigue fracture of restoration.

As a standard and very successful protocol it is advised to use 10-12 implants in the upper jaw and 8-10 implants in the lower jaw, as in the immediate loading protocol for full mouth rehabilitation using Dental Implants.

The Cost of Dental Implants Based on different Restorative Materials.

The factors that decide on the Restorative materials are as follows:

  • Bone Density.
  • Height and width of bone in the desired area.
  • Size of the upper jaw compared to the size of the lower jaw.
  • The materials that are suitable for long turn implant treatment is:
    Acrylic - Hybrid  with co-cr frame
    Composite - Hybrid with with co-cr frame
    Porcetain fused to Metal Ceramic restorations
    Zircorium Crown / Bridge.
    Zircorium Hybrid with co-cr frame

  Price based on Number of Implants
and Material Choice of Restoration




   Implant over Denture with Acrylic denture

$ 2000

# 15000

   All on 8 implants / arch includes on PFM 12-14 unit bridge work

$ 6000


   In case patient desires zirconium bridge work and it is suitable,                 at an additional cost 


$ 2100/- inch

Fixed teeth in 3 days / arch

Includes a Hybrid composite prosthesis

$ 7000

Additional cost for PFM

$ 1000

Additional cost of zirconium Hybrid

$ 2000

Total savings after getting work done in India for full mouth Dental implants.









CT Scan




Blood Test








Extraction / per tooth




For 10 teeth




Bone Grafting




Fixed teeth in 3 days (Immediate loading) U/L




Fixed teeth on the delayed loading protocol with All on 8 U/L




Flight ticket  to & fro to Chennai, India




Hotel stay 2 week




Food & Travel Expenses






Cost of package - $12,000/- to   $15,000/-  US dollars.
A saving of over $50,000.

Procedure : Fixed teeth in 3 days in a immediate loading protocol.

  • Plan of work :    
    Fixed 3-5 days complete the entire work.
    Followed by Relaxation and Holiday for 10 days.
    Operation : Dr. Faiz (Faizur Rahmaan) and the Teeth by Design team.

Contents of Package:

  • Consultation
  • CT Scan
  • Blood test / Medical Checkup (Bring all your previous reports)
  • 10-12 implants in upper jaw
  • Including pterygoid implants
  • 10 implants in lower jaw
  • Hybrid composite restoration for upper & lower jaw.
  • All extractions as needed.
  • Chennai Airport pickup / drop.
  • Local transportation
  • Hotel stay for 1 week for couple.
  • Holiday destination in Mahabalipuram historical monuments village .
  • Complimentary soft food for patient only.

The above prices and plans are indicative in nature so that you can get an idea about the massive savings that is possible by coming to India for your dental restoration needs.

India is a safe, democratic country with people from across the global coming for various reasons like, spirituality , yoga, nature cure, medical tourism, and so on.

Dr. Faiz has completed his master's degree in the year 1996 and has a vast expenses in the field of implantology and dentistry as a whole. With an  inhouse laboratory, cad/ Cam machines, latest materials and a large work force we are best suited to provide quality and reliable service to our esteemed patients.

We welcome you to get in touch via email or schedule a direct online appointment with the doctor so that we can discuss and customize the plan  for you.