The connection between teeth and human longevity

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The connection between teeth and human longevity

Teeth loss and reduced cognitive function

A great deal of research has been done by researchers who went through MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycoINFO, and Cochrane Library databases.They found a direct correlation between cognitive decline and mastication-induced sensor stimulation to the brain.
This could be due to sub-optimal mastication leading to poor nutrition.
There could also be a link between periodontal diseases and cognitive decline.Further research is being conducted to ascertain the biologic basis for the association.

The study, “Tooth Loss Increases the Risk of Diminished Cognitive Function,” was published by JDR Clinical & Translational Research.

Life Expectancy Linked to Number of Teeth

Research suggests that people over 65 years, who have lost five or more teeth are at an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.
Thus reducing their life span.
Your mouth can be an overall window to the condition of your overall health.

There are some obvious reasons :

Chewing ability
Reduced chewing ability and weak teeth can cause poor nutrition, which over time can reduce your lifespan drastically. Dental implants give you stronger bite force and chewing ability as compared to traditional dentures.

Improved social life
A great smile with implants give you the confidence for an engaging social life.
Chronic loneliness and isolation is known to lead to early demise.
This ability to participate in community locally or remotely extends your lifespan.

Lower risk of future tooth loss
You are able to maintain the shape of your jaws and face with dental implants.
This not only reduces the risk of future tooth loss but you have the ability to maintain youthful looks for a very long time.
This affects your psychological being, thus increasing your lifespan. Since your psychological constitution is directly linked to your physical well being.

You might not believe in anti-aging therapies, and we are not suggesting them either.
But getting your teeth done is as important as diet and exercise in ensuring that the last quarter of your life is trouble-free and enjoyable. It's a basic step towards a high quality life.


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