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Dr. Faizur Rahman
Prosthodontist and Implantologist

Dr. Faiz is one of the top dental surgeons of India, with multiple specialities.

  • Master of Prosthetic Dentistry from Government Dental College, Chennai ,Tamil Nadu.
  • Master of Immediate Loading Implantology, Munich, Germany. (IF MASTER)
  • Teaching Faculty , International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany. (IF TEACHER)
  • Surgical and Prosthetics Expert in ITI – STRAUMANN Dental implant systems.
  • Expert in CAD/CAM solutions and digital dentistry – AMANN GIRRBACH, AUSTRIA.
  • Expert in Anterior teeth ceramics from IVOCAAR, VIVADENT, LICHENSTEIN.
  • Expert in DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) and Cosmetic Dentistry.

The Last Stop Implantologist

At first, let’s clearly state that like your body, your natural teeth have a lifespan. It depends on many factors - dental hygiene, pressure exerted on natural teeth, sidewise grinding, smoking, and many other medical problems that surface with age.

Implants are the gold standard in replacing damaged or missing teeth.
But implants too have a lifespan. Something which is in use continuously for many many hours of the day - not just while eating but jaw clenching, grinding at night, has to wear out after a few decades.
But modern dentistry and implantology has considered these aspects while designing the implants and the crowns.

However, one few considerations remain:

Massive Pressure

Teeth, whether natural or implants, are subjected to massive forces throughout the day. So, during insertion of implants, the structural engineering, has to be perfect.
- How the particular jaw clenches.
- How pressure is distributed during clenching, eating and normally resting.
- The way the crowns are going to transmit pressure to the implants.

Bone Loss due to Abnormal Pressure

This too happens due to either abnormal pressure or gum diseases. The bone around your implant decay making the implant become loose or crack.

Bacteria Build Up

Harmful bacteria buildup also damages your implants. The junction where your tooth(crowns) and gums meet - the abutment - is where the bacteria develops. The abutment has to be really smooth otherwise it will encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, leading to gum disease and bone loss.

As you can understand, the actual implant procedure and subsequent maintenance can really the lifespan of your implants, for many more years.


 The survival of implants placed by inexperienced practitioners was 73.0% compared with 95.5% by implant specialists.

The Special Abilities and Infrastructure of Dr. Faiz.

Your dental surgeon has to take all these things into consideration.Dr. Faiz has tremendous experience and knowledge of the structural system of your mouth to ensure perfect pressure distribution in your implants and crowns.

He is not only an extremely skilled surgeon, but his attention to technical detail is unique.
He manufactures the crowns in his own lab, so that all delicate and intricate considerations are duly addressed for your particular mouth - which is unique in a way.  
In fact, he gets a large number of cases where earlier implants have failed and patients are referred to him as the last stop.

Here is a testimonial from an 86 year old to illustrate the point :

Now I know, why he is called ‘THE LAST STOP IMPLANTOLOGIST’.

S. RANGAN- Las Vegas, USA.

I’m 86 years of age and have had the luxury (if you can call it that) of having been treated by many a dentist.

Dentists I have been treated by fall into the categories mentioned below:

a) Charming very personable but advised procedures that did not make much sense to the condition that I was ailing from.

b) Greedy dentists who performed 3 so called flap surgeries which were unnecessary excepting for filling their pockets with money.

c) An instance of my son when he was 10 years old and the dentist in California stated that he needed 8 fillings for decaying teeth which was totally negated by consulting 2 other dentists.

d) A well known dentist in India who tried to bill me for 3 additional implants which was untrue and when I confronted him with X-rays which I got done, his only retort was “SUE ME”. All of the implants this dentist installed came loose and detached in 5 to 8 months.

e) Dentists who were truly honest but incompetent.

The above are but a few examples of my experiences.
After my episode mentioned in item (d) above I was looking for another dentist in India (given that I was overseeing a project there) to complete the work done or I should say rectify the disaster that this crooked cheating incompetent dentist did.

I started calling some of my contacts who I thought would be able to recommend a good dentist.
Luckily for me one of the calls I made was to an ex colleague at a company where both of us used to work.
He stated that his cousin was a dentist and that he performs implants among other major dental procedures. That he is located in Chennai and that he also has a laboratory where he fabricates crowns, bridges and full mouth prosthesis from porcelain or Zirconium. He also supplies these items to a large community of dentists in southern India.
I visited Dr Faiz at his clinic in Chennai.
Dr Faiz tried his best to salvage and retain the previous dentist’s work but to no avail.
Eventually in April 2021 the decision was made to extract any natural teeth that were still there and surgically remove any and all existing implants.
After this was done Dr Faiz installed a total of 20 implants (10 for the lower jaw and 10 for the upper jaw).
To these implants he fabricated and installed a full mouth prosthesis on both the jaws.
It is getting close to two years now and I have had no problems whatsoever.

Now I know, why he is called ‘THE LAST STOP IMPLANTOGIST’.